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Who we are

Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) is a trusted household brand in Singapore that provides mail, logistics, ecommerce and retail services.

vPost (www.vPost.com) or Virtual Post was launched in 1999 by SingPost to offer customers an online channel for bill presentment and payment services to complement its network of post offices and Self-serviced Automated Machines (SAMs).

Over the years, vPost has been rolling out more online services to bring greater convenience to its customers. Riding on the growth momentum for online shipping, vPost has made its foray into online shopping and shipping services and has grown to become one of the largest online shopping and shipping service providers in Southeast Asia.

vPost allows its members to shop and purchase at eligible and multiple USA, Europe, China and Japan Merchant websites. vPost members are given free personalised USA, EUROPE, JAPAN and CHINA addresses, which opens the gateway for them to shop direct at the respective overseas websites and have their items delivered to their doorstep. With these services, vPost members can enjoy significant shipping savings and purchase items from sites that do not accept international orders.

For e-shoppers who need help in navigating the complex ordering process and prefer to have somebody purchase their items for them, they can turn to vShop4U. And if there is still a need for more reasons to try vShop4U, see below:

  • No hassle – you submit the request and we’ll do everything else for you.
  • No ambiguity, 100% transparency – we tell you the exact cost that you need to pay.
  • We've made it extra special by doubling up our services! No other shipping provider offers live quote and concierge service - we make sure you get the best of both worlds.
  • Thousands of merchants, better prices, convenient shipping.

So now there is simply no reason for anyone to not try international shopping! Start shopping globally today!

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