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No Compromise on Style with these Tech Gadgets!

Hope you liked the unique gifts we introduced previously.

Looking for some more practical ones to complement your tech-savvy lifestyle? Check these out.


Triple Tour iWatch Strap

Lots of people have an iWatch these days. So make yours stand out with this beautifully hand-crafted, full grain leather watch band from ArrowandBoard!

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Leather Tassel with Lightning to USB Cable

Enough of hunting for and untangling charging cables. Hook this chic little tassel onto your bag, wallet or purse, and you’ll always have that cable on hand while complementing your sense of style. Comes in various colors.

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Tory Burch Metallic Fitbit Bracelet

Stay healthy in style. This comfortable metallic-leather wrist piece from Tory Burch holds your Fitbit Flex tracker, matching it with whatever classy outfit you choose to sport. Available in stainless steel and 16k gold plate/leather.

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Smartphone Mobile Lens Kit

Add a professional touch to those captures of your holiday memories! This mobile lens kit from Urban Outfitters, compatible with most smartphones, includes fisheye, wide angle and macro lens.

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Wearable Well-being Monitor

Keep an eye on your health without compromising on appearance! The Leaf is a stylish piece of smart jewelry that helps you monitor sleep, activity, and even stress levels.

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Start turning up the style this festive season. Get these and more hard-to-find-local items, and be a fashion spokesman in your holiday party.

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