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Home Party Guide: Beautify your home!

So you’ve sent out Christmas party invitations and now you’re stressing out about decorating your home to impress your guests (or, at least, stop them from judging you on your sparsely decorated home!)

We’re definitely no stranger to such holiday season breakdowns, and we are here to help! 

This festive season, we’ve prepared a shopping guide for those of you getting ready to throw a party. Let’s help you to make it a memorable one for your friends and guests!

Where to shop?

Want to shop for Christmas merchants but not sure where to start? We’ve listed some great merchants for you to consider.

crate and barrel oriental trading michaels

Crate and Barrel offers contemporary décor options for you. Its modern and clean designs will definitely please those looking for a more minimalistic approach to Christmas.

It wouldn’t be surprising if you chose to shop exclusively for Christmas here. Oriental Trading also has supplies for other types of parties so you depend on them in the future.

Michael’s is perfect for those looking to add their a personal touch to their Christmas party. It offers craft materials so you can have the party you envisioned brought to life.

party city wayfair harlow & grey
With a name like Party City, you know you’re in a good place to shop. It has a wide variety of small yet essential items that could make or break your party.

Among other things, Wayfair offers bedding décor that you could consider, to truly have your house decked out with the Christmas spirit for an enjoyable festive season.

This is another merchant that offers modern décor options. Its range of products give you tastefully designed goods, allowing you to shop for a look that is classy and refined.

What to Shop?

Not sure what to get? Check out some of our recommendations so you can get your shopping started!

Festive look to your doorstep

iced sleigh

Winter Brown Heavily Iced Sleigh
Christmas Table Top Decoration

Put anything that fits from flowers, candies, prezzies in this adorable sleigh and park it by the door!

santa's mailbox

Santa's Mailbox Cardboard Stand-Up

This cardboard stand-up makes a nice Christmas party photo booth prop. It also helps in case guests have trouble finding your house…

glitter bows

Christmas Striped Glitter Bows

Instead of going for the mainstream green-leafy front door look, why not go for sweet Christmas Bows? These large, candy-cane patterned bows will add a merry touch to your Christmas decorations and gifts.

airblown yoda

Airblown Yoda on Presents

A Merry Christmas, we wish you! This yuletide Yoda makes a great conversation piece for visiting Star Wars fans.

festive dinners
honeycombs picks

Recollections™ Craft It™ Honeycomb Picks

These fun 4” picks, featuring 1" honeycomb details, are great for decorating cakes, cupcakes, finger food and more. This will definitely help to complete the look for any theme you might have. The devil is in the details!

marble hexagon plates

Marble Hexagon Small Party Plates

Serve in style with these chic appetizer & dessert plates, featuring delicate gold trimming on marble. It’s perfect for adding an air of refinement to your dining settings and great for making an impression.

goddess blush table cover

Goddess Blush Whirlwind Table Cover

Thin, water-resistant, and sure to brighten up your table. Guests will love the pastel hue, making your food even more Instagram-worthy.

enchanted christmas dinner plates

Enchanted Christmas Dinner Plates

Festive dinner plates can be paired with many other holiday items including napkins, plates, cups and more. These are paper plates that are disposable, while still providing the elegant look in party favors that may be needed for a more formal holiday party.

Love these items? Start shopping! Simply enter your U.S address on all these merchants and ship direct to your vPOST address. Be sure to make use of our Christmas campaign and get lucky this holiday season!

Happy festive shopping!

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