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Popular Looks of the Summer


Summer Suits

With garden weddings being all the rage at the moment, it’s of utmost importance find a good Summer Suit, and it’s no enviable task. A good Summer Suit has to be lightly coloured but not cross over to bland territory and especially under the sweltering Singapore heat, it has to be made from breathable materials like linen or cotton mixes. Whether you’re going as groomsman, supportive ang-pao contributor, or wedding crasher, the suits below will ensure you look dapper this summer.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses take on an exquisite summery vibe that is not just limited to Sentosa; it can be given a street chic appeal or even black-tie events when styled correctly. For a bohemian look, partner your Maxi Dress with some colourful beaded jewellery and strappy sandals. To toughen up your Maxi Dress, strap on a denim jacket and a pair of Chuck Taylors, you will feel more angst already. For a fancy date night at Ann-Siang Hill, pair any of the dresses below with black heels and a swanky clutch for a maximum dazzling effect.


You can’t spell summer without S-E-A, (Well, you can, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun). You might think it’s always summer in Singapore anyway but with Summer Sales almost everywhere, it’s to best time to get that 2-Piece or board-shorts that you’ve been eyeing at for months now. Karlie Kloss’s legs and Zac Efron abs not included though.


For most women, white can brighten up complexions or bring out a summer tan. To rock a white casual look, supplement with some vibrant accessories but don’t over it! Just pick 1 loud item with your white outfit and complete it with a pair of Nude coloured shoes or white sneakers. For the guys, a classic long-sleeve white shirt is a timeless wardrobe staple that deserves a place in every man’s wardrobe. For a night out with the lads, you can match it with a neat pair of jeans and stylish pair of Dr Martens. For a more formal get-up, just throw on a black blazer and you’ll be good to go!

Poplin Shirts

The most popular ladies’ top trend this summer is hands down, the Poplin Shirt. Whether you’re partnering it with cut-offs, jeans or just want to show off your hard work at the gym and flaunt those well-toned gams, be sure to roll up those sleeves for an informal edgy feel. To push the envelope even more, accessorize it with an a clunky bracelet or two and slip on a pair of light brown wedges to complete the look.


Speaking of Cut-offs, is there a most versatile piece of clothing ever? Whether you’re looking to pull off a more provocative high-waist look ala Daisy Dukes for brunch at Open Farm Community or just throw on something to meet your friends at the Kopitiam downstairs, cut-offs can work equally well. Whatever you decide to pair it up with, from crop tops to hoodies, you can still look fabxy (fabulous and sexy).


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