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The Last Minute Shopper

Forgot your anniversary or friend’s birthday? Missed out on getting the latest pair of NMDs and still want to get your hands (or feet) on it ASAP? Fret not, #Last Minute Shoppers!

vPost USA Standard Shipping is now reduced to 4 – 6 working days.  This means you get your special item delivered faster and more reliably!  And if you want to be able to collect your items 24/7 without waiting at home for the delivery, simply opt for POPStation delivery.  Once your item is delivered to any of the 146 POPStations around Singapore (always one near you), you will receive an SMS informing you to pick up your package. 

Own time own target!  What could be easier?

last minute

The Smartie Pants Shopper

If time is not of the essence and you want to save even more money shopping online, Economy Shipping may just be what you are looking for.

With Economy Shipping mode, your package will be charged based on the actual package weight rather than volumetric weight. What’s the difference between actual weight and volumetric weight charging?  Why is there a difference?

If an item is large but light, it may be charged on size rather than weight.  This is how most shipping services charge - based on volumetric weight rather than actual weight. 

smartie pants

For example:

If you buy a pair of heels from Nordstrom. The actual weight of the heels and box is 1kg kg but the volumetric weight is 3.1 kg. So if you choose the Economy Shipping service, you will save more on shipping fees but do note that delivery will be slightly longer from 9 – 12 working days.

So if you know the actual weight of your package, the illustration below will show you how much you need to pay.





















There is one more way the #Smartie Pants Shopper knows how to save even more money - he buys even more products from more merchants!!!

How is that possible?

In the vPost shipping service, for every 2nd item onwards, the base charge of $13.40 is waived.
So the cost of shipping per item is even lower and you get even more bang for your buck!

The Bargain Hunter

The #Bargain Hunter will always be on the prowl for the latest vPost promo codes and discounts from their favourite merchants. Not only do they subscribe to vPost’s newsletters but also follows it religiously. #Bargain Hunters also uses credit cards from our Bank Partners, SCB, DBS and Citibank and is up to date once about their discounts.!

#Bargain Hunters have also bookmarked coupon sites like RetailMeNot and Slickdeals and have their ears to the ground for the latest coupon codes.

bargain hunter

The Effortless Shopper

The #Effortless Shopper doesn’t eat at coffeeshops or do their own grocery shopping.  They’re a frequent user of vShop4You as they prefer to have somebody purchase the item for them, especially useful if the overseas merchant doesn’t accept international credit cards.

Consider vShop4You as your personal online shopping assistant.  Tell us what you would like to get and just wait for your deliveries as our friendly online concierge will do it all for you.

Which Shopper are you? Start globeshopping and find out today!

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